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Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose ControlHumane Canada Goose Control

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Canada geese often mistake parking lots for ponds from the air and may choose to land.  With access to grass and vegetation they may settle in and find a nesting site; this could be on your roof, landscaped planting bed or even a decorative planter near your main entrance.  Add in a pond, fountain or any water source and you've got an ideal place for a family of Canada geese to call home.

Canada geese are territorial and can be aggressive to people - your customers, employees and any visitors you may be trying to impress.  Geese are also prolific poopers - each goose can eat 4lbs of grass and vegetation and generate over 2lbs of droppings per day.  That's a lot of mess in your parking lots, lawns, entry and employee common areas.

If you provide a cafeteria or coffee shop with outdoor seating then people will feed the geese and this may make them more aggressive - and more likely to poop in these areas where people are eating leading to potential injury and sickness.

Goose Rangers use trained Border Collie dogs to humanely encourage the geese to leave your premises.  Using methods endorsed by the Humane Society we identify and eliminate nesting sites and use trained dogs to intimidate and encourage the geese to seek a new home.  Geese are never touched or harmed, they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, 1918 (MBTA).

Your business, office space, retail park, campus or professional building can be goose free, let us show you how.

Our Solutions

Left unmanaged, Canada geese will return to prime sites.  

We offer:

Year round solutions - our most cost effective plan.  We visit your site year round, remove geese and nesting sites requiring no effort from you.

Seasonal Service - February to June - removes nesting sites and relocates geese looking for a residence.  Further site visits to remove geese at other times available for additional fee.

Month-to-month - Contracts providing the greatest flexibility for pre-arranged service periods or on demand.

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