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Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose ControlHumane Canada Goose Control

Why we do what we do

Check out this great video with a local HOA on why we are in business

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Proudly Serving Virginia: All of Loudoun County, and Reston and Herndon in Fairfax County

Canada geese populations in Virginia have exploded in recent years with the proliferation of urban developments containing manicured landscaping close to ponds, providing an ideal habitat for these geese.

Canada geese can be aggressive to humans;  they are loud and extremely messy, with each goose capable of producing over 2 pounds of droppings per day, on average pooping every 8 minutes.  Not only is this waste unsightly, it can pose a health risk to humans and pets, containing E. coli, salmonella, giardia as well as parasites.  The abundance of nitrogen in the poop can also cause an algae bloom in ponds, requiring chemical intervention to reverse.

With few natural predators, populations are increasing and the recent mild winters are extending breeding season.  This problem cannot be ignored.  Fortunately there is a solution.

Goose Rangers, LLC. uses specially trained Border Collies to frighten the geese into believing there are predators present.  The Goose Rangers Border Collies have a unique wolf-like stalk and a mesmerizing "eye" that move the geese into movement and flight,  Our properly trained Border Collies never touch or harm the geese; their intimidating presence is enough to convince the geese to move to a new home.  All of our Border Collies swim after the geese as well during the warmer weather, which really gives the geese something to react to!  Our methods are endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, are cost effective, and proven to work.

Mosey giving the wolf-like glance called the "eye"

Mosey giving the wolf-like glance called the "eye"

Our Solutions

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Homeowner's Associations

Your home owners deserve a clean, safe environment free of noisy, aggressive geese....... and the mess they leave behind.

Geese in business park parking lot

Businesses & Property Management

Customers, employees and visitors don't want to be pestered by geese on the way to shop or work.  Let Goose Rangers keep your business environment goose-free.


Golf Courses and Parks

Golfers expect beautiful and manicured courses without Canada Geese disturbing their game.  Goose Rangers has the solution.

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