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Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose ControlHumane Canada Goose Control

About Us

Cathy Benedict has been training Border Collies for the effective, humane, management of Canada geese since 1998.

With almost 2 decades of experience and a passion for customer service,  Cathy has built a reputation for excellence in both the dogs she trains, and the services she provides to her clients.

Offering fully managed Canada goose control for homeowner's associations, business parks, common areas and individual business operations, the Goose Rangers team keep people safe and happy from aggressive and messy geese populations.

Cathy also sells trained Border Collies for the humane management of Canada geese to golf courses, parks and larger properties that benefit from continuous oversight at a more competitive price point.

When not working Border Collies to manage Canada geese Cathy is actively engaged with the Humane Society of the United States for animal rescue after natural disasters and in animal cruelty cases.

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