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Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose ControlHumane Canada Goose Control
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Golf courses and parks represent ideal habitats for Canada geese offering large expanses of trimmed grass along with large bodies of water providing year round living and nesting for many geese.

Unfortunately these Canada geese are territorial and may be aggressive to golfers and visitors, they can be loud and are certainly responsible for creating a great deal of mess, with each goose eating up to 4lbs of grass each day and generating over 2lbs of droppings.

Golfers and visitors expect a tranquil and manicured outing and being harassed by geese can detrimentally affect customer satisfaction, not to mention the potential liability of a customer or visitor being injured by an aggressive goose.

Goose Rangers does offer site servicing for golf course and parks but recommends a more cost effective long term solutions to this problem.  Goose Rangers recommends buying a fully trained goose dog from it's sister company, Goose Dogs For Sale.  

For a one-time purchase, own your own trained Border Collie for the humane management of Canada geese from larger properties.  Each sale includes dog handler training and a warranty.  Refresher courses and summer camps are also available.

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View our inventory of fully trained goose dogs available for sale to service your golf course, park or other large property.

Managed service is available for golf courses and parks, giving you the choice in how to manage your Canada goose problem.

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