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Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose Control

Humane Canada Goose ControlHumane Canada Goose Control

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Many planned communities in Loudoun County, as well as Reston and Herndon in Fairfax County, include open green-space and a planned water feature.  Not only do your residents find these features beautiful, they also make the ideal habitat for Canada geese who will move in - unless you take action.

Canada geese choose nesting sites in February and begin to lay eggs in early spring.  The geese are particularly aggressive to humans and pets at this time.  From May through early August the geese will raise their young and molt their flight feathers.  Incapable of flight at this time of year, they will eat grasses and vegetation - and poop - making a huge mess of your beautiful landscaping.  Unable to fly to escape they will also hiss and intimidate people that get too close.

The huge volume of goose poop is not only messy and unsightly - it also contains diseases that pose a risk to humans and pets.  Their droppings have been found to contain E. coli, salmonella, giardia and other pathogens.

Goose Rangers' humane solutions prevent geese from getting too comfortable.  Early in the season we will identify and remove nests and have the trained Border Collies and their handlers visit the area multiple times per day, encouraging the geese to find a different location to nest and rear their young.  

During the molt season, when birds are flightless, there is a good chance that geese will walk onto your property, even though they have nested elsewhere.  Our dogs and their handlers will walk the geese and goslings off of your site back in the general direction of where they walked in from, and we will continue to visit the site and walk the birds off again, as needed, until they learn to live elsewhere.

Our Solutions

Left unmanaged, Canada geese will return to prime sites.  We offer:

Year-round solutions - Our most cost-effective plan.  We visit your site with unlimited visits year-round.

Nesting Season Service - Unlimited visits February through June.  As-Needed service (see below) for the remainder of the year. 

As-Needed - You call us when the geese become a problem, and we will go for one week at a time until the geese have gone elsewhere. Excludes February - June timeframe (To have a successful goose control program, all clients need to be on for the Nesting Season timeframe or not at all - this is our busiest time of the year). 

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